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Raj Kundra's dirty picture project 'Khwab' revealed through email, from camera angle to every scene information

 Businessman Raj Kundra's dirty picture project 'Khwab' has been revealed through an email, in which all the planning was done for live streaming of porn. For this, a synopsis was also prepared and 10 issues were discussed.

 Raj Kundra's

Raj Kundra in police custody till July 23

After the arrest, the Mumbai Police produced Raj Kundra in the court on 20 July, from where he was sent to police custody till 23 July. Crime Branch team is interrogating Raj Kundra. Raj Kundra told the court that I had sold the company for $25000 and I had no stake in it. However, the police said that if Raj Kundra had sold his company to Pradeep Bakshi for $25,000, then why was he active in the company's WhatsApp group 'H Accounts'? Why was he involved in making every strategy? WhatsApp chats show that Raj Kundra was involved in every decision

.Raj Kundra was arrested on July 19

In the Soft Pornography Case, on July 19, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police called Raj Kundra for questioning. Raj Kundra reached the Byculla office of Mumbai Crime Branch at 9 pm. The interrogation lasted for about 2 hours and after that Raj Kundra was arrested at 11 pm. After this, he was taken to JJ Hospital for medical examination at 4 am and then to the Mumbai Police Commissioner's office at 4.15 am.

HotShot team had to send the profile of the actress

The email is told in the next section that the full profile of the female lead will have to be sent to the HotShot team before shooting. You will shoot only after the approval of HotShot team. Along with this, it has been told that the artist should have a strong presence on social media and he can voluntarily do bold scenes (topless from front and full back nude).Raj Kundra's dirty picture project 'Khwab' revealed

A synopsis was prepared for

10 issues discussed in the synopsis

Mumbai: New revelations are happening every day in the Soft Pornography Case and different exploits of Raj Kundra are coming to the fore. Now an email has revealed Raj Kundra's dirty picture project 'Khwab', through which the live streaming of porn was fully planned. For this, a synopsis was also prepared and 10 issues were discussed in this synopsis.

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From camera angle to scene information

On August 14, 2020, an email has been sent to two people named Paras Randhawa and Jyoti Thakur at 5:25 pm. In the email description written by the content head of Hotshot, a series of information has been given about the project 'Khwab'. How will it be shot? At which angle will the camera be, so that the live streaming artist can show maximum. To increase the subscriber of the OTT platform. All this information is given in the email. Along with this, how the actress has to be bold and nude, it has also been told in the email.

Information sent in email about the project

1. Final movie will be in MP4.

2. Portrait posters will be of different sizes.

3. There will also be separate bold posters for social media and some will be normal posters.

4. Landscape posters will also be there.

Information about project 'Khwab' in email

- The normal teaser of 15 seconds will be first.

There will be a bold trailer of 60 to 90 seconds, which will be put on the app.

There will also be a 60 to 90 second non bold trailer for social media.

- Non bold video songs of 2 to 3 minutes will be shown.

Rs 3 lakh for a video

The payment has also been mentioned in the email after the synopsis. It has been further told that if the video is found by the Hotshot Digital team in accordance with its app, then it will be purchased. In return, Rs 3 lakh will be given. Along with this, all its rights and intellectual property rights will also remain with HotShot Digital. If the senior team doesn't like the video, you are free to sell it elsewhere.

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